Reccos Futbol Club

Coaching and Clinics


For pricing and additional information on any of our clinics, please contact us a  Reccos Futbol Club will be holding new soccer clinics, soccer drills, and many more youth soccer training events throughout the year, so please check back frequently.  Thank you.

First Year Clinics

 All First year clinics are partnered with the City of Olathe Parks and Rec Soccer Program.  To register your child please click the link provided to register and make payments.  Thank you

The Basics  (6 and up)

In The Basics, your child will start to learn how to defend and shield a ball.  We teach how to become an offensive and defensive soccer player.  Learning how to move and pass to your teammates is very important.  This course will utilize 1v1 and 2v1 fun drills to help your child learn the techniques.  Price includes a T-Shirt and an award medal at the end of the 6 week session.  $80.00


The Basics with A Kick (8 and up)

The Basics with A Kick course will start introducing the set positions of the field and teach what overlap, square, down line, means.  Ball skills such as two foot V and crossover will also be taught and worked on throughout the clinic.  Price includes a T-Shirt and an award medal at the end of the 6 week session.  $90.00


Goalkeeper Clinics


How to Save a Penalty

Kick (U11-U15)

This clinic will teach techniques to be more prepared and recognize different situations when it comes to defending a penalty kick. $85.00

Basic Goalkeeping (all age)

This clinic will teach the basics of being a goalkeeper.  Teaching skills to defend the goal using basic goalkeeping techniques. $75.00

Flip Throw Clinic


Flip Throw-In

Our flip throw-in clinic is only instructed by coach Jackie herself.  In the 1990's Jackie was the pioneer in this technique, earning numerous newspaper articles and huge publicity.  This class does have restrictions.  Please contact us using our contact page to receive more information.  Fee starting at $75.00 per player.

 We are a proud member of the NSCAA


Coaching Clinic

Coaching Fundamentals

Our Coaching Fundamentals clinic is a great course for beginner or volunteer coaches.  This course will cover Laws of the Game, Managing, Basic introductions to Soccer Skills and more.  Each new coach will receive a learning packet of the material covered.  Coaches will also have access to coach Jackie throughout your season for questions and to schedule a one time soccer practice with coach Jackie.  This clinic is held in a indoor setting.  Price includes learning packet and one practice to be scheduled by the coach. Please contact Coach Jackie, using our contact page for additional information or questions you may have.  $100.00 Please email or call to register.  Check our calender for dates, times, and location. 

Yep, that's Coach Jackie doing her flip!