Reccos Futbol Club

Youth Soccer Clinics in Olathe


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The Reccos Futbol Club is dedicated to the memory of my dad Harry Sweetapple.  Harry founded  Reccos in 1997 to 2000 and passed away from Melanoma in 2000.  This one is for you dad!

Youth Soccer Clinics


At the Reccos Futbol Club we are dedicated to teaching your youth soccer player as a total player. That’s what sets us apart from other clubs.  At the Reccos Futbol Club we are not just concerned with your son or daughter’s soccer skills but also his or her life skills.

The Reccos Futbol Club has been designed to meet the needs of our Players as they grow. We take one season at a time. We look forward to forming relationships with each player in the season ahead. It is our goal that the things they learn will last a lifetime. We want them to experience the satisfaction of finishing what they start.

We want them to see for themselves how hard work can bring individual success & how success includes teamwork and commitment to others. We want them to practice self-discipline & to learn to work well as a team. Most importantly, we want each of them to grow in self-esteem — to attain a greater realization of how important they are.

We are thankful for the opportunity to share in this year of their lives. Parental support is a key element to our club success. The players who benefit most from the Reccos Futbol Club are the ones whose parents are supporting them and helping them fulfill the commitment they have made.




The Reccos Futbol Club was born out of a passion for soccer and a commitment to youth athletic development.  Director, Coach Jackie Scrivner, brings both coaching expertise and experience as a player to each Reccos team member.   We provide youth camps,  soccer drills for kids, and much more.  Read more to find out about the club's history, unique culture and more.